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end to end productivity

“We are driven by margin improvement, working capital reduction and growth”


What is End To End?

 What do we offer?

Unlock the growth potential of the food industry by “connecting the dots” to be able to become and remain competitive in local and global markets through simplified and smart product and process solutions

We Observe → We Understand → We Analyze → We Connect → We Resolve


End To End solutions which are increasing profitability of your portfolio


We are looking across the entire value chain to identify if we could do things differently


We will unlock your potential for growth potential - capital reinvestment back into innovation


We will get you better by delivering what the consumer wants, when and where they want it and at the lowest cost

Searching holistically at all ends of the Supply Chain for opportunities to improve productivity and improve product costs and then implementing in a way that tackles the best savings first, and satisfies the business and consumers

We build success together thinking strategically


We are passionate global food professionals about food & quality.

  • We believe that quality food can be delivered at lower cost by understanding what customer really wants.
  • We are not data driven but we are using the knowledge to solve the problem – “dirty hands”.
  • We understand the data and connecting them with solutions.
  • We are using validated tools to generate real ideas converted into successful projects.
  • We are using a highly data driven approach to identify opportunities to improve margin, cash flow, and revenue growth.
  • We have X number years of experience in multinational organisations, launching cost saving projects across the globe, participating at X+ workshops, achieving $100M+ in saving projects identified


  1. Ingredient specification harmonization, using one global supplier – from $11/kg to $4/kg
  2. Manufacturing process reduction from 24/6 to 24/5 shift pattern via identified process improvement.
  3. Portfolio de-complexity via understanding the consumer


How do we find opportunities?

  1. Driven by fundamental understanding of ingredients, recipes, packaging materials and local food regulations.
  2. A pragmatic and action oriented cross functional team.
  3. A design of experiments (DoE) that can be linked to cost and sensory profile.
  4. Driven by a real understanding of the product make up, process and equipment.
  5. Using and applying different productive, innovative, well established tools like:
    • Value Stream Mappping (VSM)
    • LIC / DIP Analysis
    • Journey 2 simplicty (J2S)
    • Design 2 Value (D2V)
    • Others

The End To End Questions You may ask and we may help with – What Can Be ….

  • Substituted
  • Removed
  • Added
  • Broadened
  • Recreated
  • Concentrated
  • Downsized
  • Upsized
  • Reconfigured
  • Accelerated
  • Slowed down
  • Sourced
  • Combined
  • Benchmarked

FAPIC Tailored Solution

FAPIC’s holistic approach to business solutions means that experts are at your fingertips. FAPIC is providing professional advise in food industry across Asia Pacific region based on their knowledge, network and expertise.

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