• over 30+ years of international experience in the food industry in many technical, quality and leadership positions
  • ​end-to-end is their way of thinking and leading projects
  • we like to get "our hands dirty"

Tom Debney
Juraj Durco


Strategy, Productivity, Innovation, Commercialisation, Project Management

8P ModelTM  Champion

Executive Director

Corporates, Strategy, Productivity, Commercialisation, Government

8P ModelTM  Champion

All our projects and communication with our customers are coordinated by FAPIC Management Team.

  • FAPIC collaborate with professional advisers from food industry who are up to date with their skills and have many years of experience.
  • FAPIC provide professional consulting services to the food industry in Australia and beyond.
  • FAPIC is ONE STOP SHOP in Food Industry and its solutions.
  • FAPIC provide PROJECT LEADER who is ONE STOP CONTACT between Customer from Food Industry and FAPIC Technical Centre
  • FAPIC Technical Centre - Professional Food Industry Advisers