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Food – Food Products which fit with consumer needs

Application – Applying world’s best practice into food manufacturers and developers

Productivity – Productivity improvement from end to end to lift overall profitability

Innovation – Innovative thinking and tools to implement world’s best practice in the agri food business

Commercialisation – Commercialising product or change to the market faster






Coronavirus – COVID-19 in Food Industry
I have my concept done, what do I do next?

Usually it happens that kitchen concept are not ready to the market. However, many concepts are tried on farmers market, but foo safety should be major considerations and maybe necessary to obtain certification from the local authority.

How do I know my product costs are profitable enough and consumers will buy?

To understand the costs is one of the more important concepts in developing and bringing the product to market. Working out the shelf life, type of packaging, storage (ambient, refrigerated, frozen) as all impacts the costs to deliver to customers and whether you have enough margin to make the product profitably, therefore, it is important to understand all your manufacturing and import costs (e.g. electricity, gas, line time, etc.)

What are the signs of unprofitable portfolio?

Large number of products (SKUs) with high numbers of similar pack sizes, providing branded recipes for private label customers, complexity, inability to supply market out of manufacture, relying on one customer (retail vs foodservice vs Petrol & Conveiance, etc.) may result in low margin, low business bottom line and in the end impact the funs you can take into innovation or developing new product and processes.


What is 8P Model™ and why should we apply it?

Our 8P Model™ takes you through an agile project management process to streamline your business and define new product development opportunities that make sense to who you are and what you believe in, and teaches you how to innovate for profit. The defined strategic approach addresses productivity issues in terms of People, Portfolio or Productivity, Problem, Project, Product, Packaging, Process and Profit

Where can I get information about food standard? Are Food standard in New Zealand and Australia the same?

https://www.foodstandards.gov.au/code/Pages/default.aspx alternatively FAPIC experts can provide these answers. Yes, they are the same and may require expert for the interpretation which vary slightly in some specialised cases.

How do I measure my shelf life?

This is a complex problem that needs technical input which FAPIC is often asked, and there is no one simple answer to cover everything. Selection of ingredients, process and packaging will have significant impact on the overall product shelf life.

Where can I get my ingredients, packaging?

You can use google search, but there are companies with expertise throughout the marketplace specialises in this space for both ingredients and packaging. Reference to Food Matrix may help to navigate.

Why the project takes so long to implement?

Often the business in many cases project planning, recipe development uses excel spreadsheets and intuition in optimising the recipe against world’s best practice of suing tool such as SpecPage PDM systems which rapidly identify best costs solutions taking months out of development cycles. Having structure and same team from commencement to launch helps remove delays.




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