Building The Innovation Capability

Working and guiding Food Innovation with Food Entrepreneurs

Food Startups Innovation

Helping Driving Food Innovation Pipeline

Cost Reduction

Portfolio Rationalisation

Cost Optimisation

Helping to setup your cost foundation

Building your bottom line

Profit Increase


Implementing Projects Faster

8P Model Champions

FAPIC Project Manager

Alignment Commitment Focus

Spped to Market

Helping Food Startups, Established Food Businesses / Companies , SME with World's Best in Class Technical and Project Services & Getting to the market FASTER

"We are structured and following the principles of 8P MODEL"

Food and Agribusiness Startups and SMEs can't afford to have full R&D, technical, operational and project personnel employed on daily basis and that is were we at FAPIC coming to you to help with the resorces and services exactly like you expect. Access to food professionals but at much lower costs.  

From concept development and insight to full commercial launch and FASTER

  • Because all is under one roof and covered by FAPIC Professionals and Technical Centre
  • Because we deal with your project as we own it
  • Because we like to get our hands dirty to provide the right solutions for you
  • Because we are from the industry and work for the industry
  • Because we have been working on the projects in local, regional and global environment
  • Because we speak your language

You or You Company:
  1. ​can hire the services for hour, day, week, month or on any lenghth
  2. can outsource any part of the services below for any time
  3. get access to up to date world's best practices and information
  4. will talk to one person only - FAPIC Project Manager
  5. get commitment to your project timing 
  6. get us to do the work as we like to get our hands dirty
  7. will get the transparent solution from start to finish
  8. will have regular discussion discussion with us  as we will work for you
  9. get access to pilot plant
  10. get access to our network of professionals in food and agribusiness
  11. get access to our netwrok of suppliers in product, ingredients, packaging and technology
  12. at the end you will be satisfied based on our clients'r feedback and the fast delivery to the market