FAPIC follows and train on 8P Model under an exclusive global licence by 8P Solutions

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Attendees get an overview of the relationship between Product Development, Quality and Productivity and how they can affect the speed of commercialisation of products so developing an innovation culture.

They will learn the questions they need to ask to improve the profitability of their operation and gain strategies to increase profit through productivity improvement and innovation utilising the 8P Model™ and its Benefits .

Also they will get understanding on how to enhance teams' performance in commercialisation through tailor made tools and focus.

Who should attend: FAPIC will run three distinct levels of training targeted at business.   
Level                Participants

BASIC                   Business Owners / Managing Director who have a keen interest in improving their profitability
ADVANCED         Managers at Operational levels who are responsible for strategic implementation
PRO                      Supervisors or Project leaders / managers who are responsible for carrying out tasks
ENTERPRISE      Complete tailored to clients’ needs, train a core team in the implementation of the 8P Model™

What it will address:

  1.  In one and a half hours, business owners will get an overview of the factors affecting profit and the directions  they  could take to increase it using the 8P Model™.
  2.  Over three hours, Operational Level Managers will get an overview their areas of responsibility affect profit and  some in-depth strategies to improve their productive outcomes using the 8P Model™.
  3.  In a full day seminar / workshop, participants will address real life problems using the 8P Model™. Participants  will  be assessed on the outcomes of a pre-defined project within their own workplace.
  4.  Over twelve weeks a core group of representatives are trained to apply the 8P Model™ to real life problems.  Profit  and productive outcomes are measured against targets. Participants become champions of the 8P  Model™ within  their organisation and are awarded as 8P Model™ Champion.

Many businesses today struggle with the holistic nature of project management, leading to short falls and increasing cost and time for implementation. The simplicity delivered through 8P Model™ ensures there is high engagement and reduction of non-value adding activities.

Customer pains:

  1.  Incorrect or limited resources available
  2.  No formal process or project management
  3.  Giving product to the market late that doesn't satisfy consumer
  4.  Launching products customer do not want
  5.  Losing retailer / partner because of time and quality
  6.  Loss of trust as supplier
  7.  No discipline – there are no roles & responsibilities clearly defined
  8.  Priority settings
  9.  Complexity reduction
  10.  Systems’ inconsistency
  11.  Speed to market too slow
  12.  No strategy, No plans


  1.  Learn a profitability model
  2.  Increase productivity on normal operations such as Product Development, Production and Quality.
  3.  Learn strategies for rapid commercialisation of products
  4.  Discipline & Prioritisation
  5.  Simplified and Structured Approach
  6.  Clarity in Problem Identification
  7.  Capability Building
  8.  Reduce Risk

What is the 8P Model™?

8P Model™ is a holistic framework to guide business problem solving and/or changes. The model optimises project team capability and interaction so that projects can be completed faster at lower costs. 8P Model™ upskills the team and enables lean and consistent team performance.

A defined strategic approach addressing productivity issues in terms of People, Portfolio or Productivity, Problem, Project, Product, Packaging, Process and Profit.

In all cases, Participants need to have management commitment and a requirement to attend is a letter of support from the most senior levels of the company. 

They will need to submit a defined productivity or commercialisation project or problem along with their application and payment. 

In the case of the One Day Seminar, participants will have to commit time to both the seminar and the follow-up program. This commitment should also be reflected in the letter of support.

What do you get?

A brief of the 8P Model™ and the questions they need to ask to increase their profit. 
E-mail contact is maintained to answer any questions within the week after the seminar.

A brief of the 8P Model™, some case studies and some workshopping to strategize their productivity or commercialisation project.
E-mail contact is maintained to answer up to ten specific strategy questions within the month after the seminar.
A certificate of attendance (Novitiate Level) is given at the end of the month with special mention of their commitment for those who choose to ask questions.

A brief of the 8P Model™, some case studies and an in-depth workshop to begin working on their productivity or commercialisation project using the 8P Model™ process.
A weekly e-mail or call-based contact is maintained for twelve weeks after the seminar to assist   in the successful completion of their project.
When the project is completed successfully, the 8P Model™ Initiate certificate is issued to             acknowledge completion of the introductory course.

In-depth training and mentoring of a core team in the 8P Model™ using a real-life multi-               disciplined problem within their organisation. Mind-set training, problem-solving and implementation on a weekly basis for the full twelve weeks. A weekly e-mail or call-based contact is maintained for the next twelve weeks after the training to assist in the successful embedding of the training as part of company culture. When the project is completed successfully, the 8P Model™ Champion certificate is issued to acknowledge completion of the course.​

​The 8P Model™ is a Trademarked concept under 8P Solutions Pty Ltd and is used under license by FAPIC Pty Ltd. ​

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